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About us

We are a group of enthusiasts who are passionate about art, web design, branding and marketing. We love to create something new to learn more with every single project that we publish. Here is nothing impossible!

Whether you run a company in the construction industry, restaurant, beauty salon, cafe, spa/massage salon, clothing store, is a hairdresser, craftsman, carpenter, DJ or offer other services and need a new website or an upgrade, you have come to the right place!

You can easily place your order without having to call us. Just tell us what you need, feel free to send links of websites that you like or want to have on their page in message and we can keep in touch via email. ​

Alternatively, if you want a personal introductory interview and consultation, just click on the 'Booking' button at menu and reserve an hour that suits you best! We meet at Google Meets.


Hosting + Email
SEO optimization
SSL certificates
Responsive Development (mobile -friendly)
Multilangual site
Privacy and Cookie's policies docs

Graphics design

Graphic content for social media
Business card
Email marketing


Update of WordPress and plugins
Nettside support
Backup services
Text editing
Monitoring of websites 24/7
Security and protection against spam


Build your own known brand in the Norwegian network with our help

How long it takes and how much it cost?


Development timeline

Day 0
Day 0

Bifrost Booking

Start your journey by placing an order. It's your first step on the road. Send order

Week 1
Week 1

Raven's conversation

Like Huggin and Munnin, we listen attentively, and you are our Odin of visions. We convey an offer and explore your idea through from sent bifrost booking

Week 2
Week 2

Development's workshop

Through the 'development workshop', your website is shaped. I'll send you a taste and you give me your honest judgment

Weeks 2-3
Weeks 2-3

The ship's preparation

Now we prepared - the ship's preparation is completed. Your website is ready for launch, just like the Vikings' ship before their major expeditions.

Week 4
Week 4

Valhalla's launch

Finally, when your website is completed, you sail against "Valhalla's launch". It is the place where warriors are honored after a hard -fought fight. Your website is now ready to conquer the world's world as a real -time war.


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Alle nettsider som vi leverer inkluderer dokumenter som personvernserklæring og tilpasset informasjonskapsler (GDPR) . Vårt webhotell er basert og lokalisert i Norge, så det gir ekstra vekt på sikkerhet i dagens sårbare IT-verden.
Hvilken sider trenger du?
Legg til sidene som passer best, eller bruk "Andre sider"
Alle nettsider leveres med visuelt publiseringsverktøy kalles WordPress med siste og mest sikkert versjon lokalisert i norsk datasenter. I tillegg vi bruker elementor visuell sidebygger så du kan endre på enkel måte innholdet ditt direkte på siden.
Når ønsker du at vi skal starter med utvikling?
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How much does it cost?

The cost of creating a new website varies depending on the scope and functionality of the project. We customize our prices to your specific needs and we will give you a detailed price estimate after discussing your project. Our goal is to offer competitive prices that give you good value for money. Prices start from NOK 5000 for the finished website with web hosting and domain for a year, after a year maintenance cost is approx. 1000 NOK per year. Graffik prices start from NOK 500.

How long does it take to get a new website done?

The time it takes to complete a website depends on the scope and complexity of the project. Smaller websites may be ready in a few weeks, while larger and more advanced projects can take several months. We will give you a time frame when we have a better understanding of your specific project.

What do you offer on your website order service?

We offer professional design and development of websites that are tailored to your needs. This includes everything from basic websites to more complex projects, e-commerce solutions and more.

How does the ordering process work for a new website?

The ordering process is simple. First, contact us for a consultation where we discuss your needs and goals. Then we give you an offer based on your requirements. When you approve the offer, we start work on the design and development of the website. You will get regular updates along the way to ensure that the website meets your expectations.

Can I update and maintain the website even after launch?

Yes! You can update and maintain the website even after launch. We usually offer training and support to help you manage and update the content of the website. You can also choose to enter into a maintenance agreement with us for regular support.